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Security Solutions

Sensing the growing importance of data protection amongst consumers and enterprise alike, Trek has been a pioneer in the area of security solutions for mobile storage devices. To date, Trek has developed a host of patented hardware and software solutions that can be tailored to meet each individual customers’ needs.

Encrypted Thumbdrives – Thumbdrive Crypto – Your Answer to Data Security

The ThumbDrive® CRYPTO utilizes a flash memory controller with a built-in hardware encryption engine, based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is an endorsed standard to encrypt data by Governments; global financial institutions and security agencies.  The encryption is performed by a high speed encryption engine, which allows high speed transfer without compromising on the integrity of the data and it does not take up additional computing resources on the host computer. ThumbDrive® CRYPTO ensures that 100% of the storage area is encrypted. With this 256-bit hardware AES engine, the ThumbDrive® CRYPTO offers one of the most advanced security solutions available today.

The CHEZ Solution – Safeguarding Knowledge

The CHEZ Solution brings storage, security and control into your enterprise.  By maintaining a white list and black list, the CHEZ Solution blocks all unauthorised mobile storages devices in your IT enterprise environment.

Portable storage and mobile phone devices have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. Many Corporations have lost sensitive data through illegal usage of such devices to download sensitive data. Hence we have the compelling need to administer and control the usage of these devices within the corporate environment.

On one hand, it is important that all sensitive data stored on the portable storage devices are encrypted (e.g. with the hardware-wired encryption device like ThumbDrive® CRYPTO). It is equally important to ensure that unauthorized devices are also disabled. Our Chez Solution offers protection against unauthorized portable storage devices from accessing sensitive and confidential information in your enterprise IT environment. Chez Solution also empowers you to enforce Corporate Security policies. The solution is currently being utilized by some Government agencies in Singapore and various private organizations around the world.  The Chez Central Management System (CMS) remotely controls the clients and keep audit trail records of what devices the users have attempted to use on the remote clients PCs and notebooks.