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The Licensing business segment involves the provision of licensees based on the Group library of patented technologies and trademarks.

Trek have library of patents covering Portable Storage Devices, Anti-Piracy, Power Management, Wireless and Encryption. Our patents are based on actual experience in research and development by our group of engineers. This experience has provided important insight into the most useful applications and devices, allowing Trek to patent and protect those inventions that are most important to the IT, computer and consumer industry.

Trek®, ThumbDrive®, DivaDrive™ and FluCard™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trek Group of Companies in Singapore and / or other countries.

All patents and trademarks are available for licensing on a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms.   Please send or email us a non-confidential description of your business plan(s) for the products you are interested in licensing to the address below:

Trek 2000 International Ltd.
30 Loyang Way #07-13/14/15,
Loyang Industrial Estate, Singapore 508769
Attention:  Mr. KW Foo

Please note that in the absence of a written NDA executed by Trek, any unsolicited materials provided to us shall be deemed non-confidential and in the public domain.

All products sold by TREK come with warranty