The Customized Solutions segment is driven by customers’ specification, needs and requirements. The Group will provide our expertise in the area of design solutions that incorporate its software, hardware and firmware. Customers are required to support the complete design-in module or sub-modules in semi-customized or customized form.

  IoT Solution : 

  • Sensors
  • Analytics
  • Storage
  • Wireless Connection (WiFi, Bluetooth Low Enegry)
We offer categories of customized solutions such as:
  • Customized Firmware
  • Customized Module
  • Customized Total Solutions
  • Customized Software Solutions
  • Portable Storage Solutions – Trek’s Controller + NAND Flash Memory
  • Power Management Solutions
  • Customized Microcontroller Solutions – Microcontroller from Trek and Toshiba
  • Medical Technology (Medtech)

Our partner in distribution:

All products sold by TREK come with warranty